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student jobs

student jobs

About us

SideShift connects students with local businesses for seamless application and hiring processes. Using an interface similar to social media and dating apps students are already familiar with, SideShift puts the power in the hands of motivated students giving them an intuitive way to explore campus job opportunities. 


We make it easy to create a profile, search for jobs, and set up interviews for students. On the flip side, local businesses can easily find the best candidate using AI technology to highlight the best talent available. 


Whether you are a student or a business owner, SideShift was built to make finding campus jobs and talent easier on you.

SideShift started from a need felt by real college students – after searching for campus jobs in August of 2023, Co-Founders Nick Lawton, Canyon Pergande, & Drew Levin witnessed the frustrations of finding the right job on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


Additionally, when reaching out to local small businesses, the two found that owners and managers in the area shared similar frustrations in finding the right students for part-time employment. 


Knowing there had to be a way to connect students seamlessly with local businesses for employment opportunities, Nick, Canyon, & Drew came up with SideShift – a one-stop-shop for campus jobs. Connecting students with local businesses for a better hiring + employment experience.

our mission.

We've been in your shoes

UW Madison campus, a platform started by students, built for students. A platform started by small business owners.
Using an interface similar to social media and dating apps to help better match businesses and students / Gen Z.

how it works

At SideShift, we bring a fresh, friendly approach to finding campus jobs. But we see the bigger picture too. Our local small businesses—the cafes, bookstores, bars & boutiques—aren't just shops; they're part of our daily lives. They count on the energy and skills of students to thrive. And ever since the pandemic, finding the right staff has been tough, hitting the heart of our community hard.

Why? Because there's never been a platform that's just right for them. Many small business owners find traditional job boards a bit daunting, or they can't justify the expense of big job boards that don't get what a small business is all about, and often overlook their value.

That's where SideShift steps in. We're here to offer these businesses a home, a place where they belong, a platform designed with their needs in mind. SideShift isn't just about jobs; it's about fostering a thriving local economy where businesses can easily hire and students can find meaningful work. We're building more than a job board; we're nurturing the future of our community, one connection at a time.

Our mission is to support our small business community, and the mom and pop shops we love. Help our local economy.
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